Tuesday, November 22, 2011

How To Do #20 In The Number Of The Day Booklet

20. Write a fraction using the 1000s place as the denominator and the tenths place as as the numerator.

Take the number in the 1000s place and put it as the Denominator then take the number in the tenths place and put it as the numerator ( or do it the other way around).

example: 4567.892
8/4= Improper Fraction (Top is greater than the bottom)
8- Numerator: Top Number
4- Denominator: Bottom Number

Hope The Picture Helped!


  1. Nice work but kinda hard to understand.

  2. umm it says both of them are the numerator.

  3. The picture defining what the numerator is, is wrong because the bottom is the denominator. But the writing at the top helps.

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