Tuesday, June 12, 2012


YO! What's an Integer you say?! HUH?! It's a number that has two ways of showing it.
Negative: eg. (-3) <---- Negative is brackets with a subtract sign on the left. The reason why we use brackets is because to not confuse you to do stupid stuff kind of like Nathaniel. haha, just kidding Nathaniel, your cool man your cool. Anyways what do you think looks more understandable?
A: 4+-4=?
If you picked "B" your correct.
Also, the other way of showing an integer is positive. You don't have to put brackets like negative so you could just write like this "14" instead of (+14) alright? So I hope you learned about integers and you guys can help yourselves with the exams.

Here's a video of integers. It's a rap hahaha.

The Integer Rap

Also, here's a pic of how to solve 3+(-5)

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