Thursday, February 9, 2012


Variable a letter that represents an unknown number.

eg: x,a,n

Expression any single number or variable, or combination of operations (-, +, ×, ÷) involving numbers and variables

eg: 5n, 8+, x+1, 2y-7

1+1=2 (equation)

Value a know or calculated amount

Constant a number that does not change and it increase or decrease the value of an expression.

Numerical Coefficient a number that multiples the variable.

eg: 2t
the 2 is the numerical coefficient and the t is the variable

For example:

A group of students talking, 2 friends leave the group. Write an expression for the number of students in the group after the 2 people leave.

the answers is either: g-2 or s-2
The variable is g is for group and s for students. Constant is the minus (sign) because it`s decreasing.

Hope you understand it!

Here is the picture!!


  1. thank you for the post now I know my algebra but wheres the link?

  2. Good I know that the unknown numbers will be represent as an letters like x,a,n

  3. thanks, I understand algebra more now

  4. Great job this is perfect! I loved how you posted a picture and a video!

  5. thanks, adding a video makes it more easy to understand.

  6. Great job! But how will you know if its the right number that represent the letter

  7. ohhhh ! thanks to your video , it help me to study with my dad :))