Sunday, February 5, 2012

Learning How to Borrow Mix Fractions:

Math Question:

Question: 3 2/12 - 1 9/12 (Mixed Fractions)

a) 1st: They have the same denominator so that's okay.

- You use whatever the denominator number is and change it to a whole number! In this case

it's twelve so the new whole number must be 12/12

2nd: You added a whole number to the question, then add the first fraction with it! Example:

12/12 - 2/12 = 14/12

3rd: Now you can minus 9/12!

Example: 14/12- 9/12 = 5/12!

You've Got Your Answer for the Fraction Part!

b) Now you have to subtract the whole numbers which are 3 and 1.

1st: 3-1=2

Now your practically done but don't forget to add the fractions with the whole numbers which

would equal together!

= 2 5/12 (Is your whole answer!)


-Hope this helped(: !!

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  1. you have an explanation but I think you should put in a picture, link and video because this is kind of confusing.